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  1. I’m severely overweight and am seriously concidering the Mediterranean diet, going tomorrow to buy the book! 🙂

  2. I am currently with weight watchers which is really working. My doctor recommend I look over the Med. diet to support weight watchers

  3. Anyone have dessert recipes that are delicious?

  4. am severely overweight also have diabetes , i can use any help i can get for the using the diet

    • First of all, your diabetes condition requires a medical treatment. Probably your doctor will recommend a diet based on vegetables, grilled fish or lean meat, non caloric fruits and lots of exercise. Avoid sodas, manufactured products, and fats. Anyway, the only solution will be your firm determination of losing weight. Ask your family to help you not having any banned product at home.

  5. In what way.

  6. I am interested in this diet

  7. do you really lose weight on this diet? I am so fed up with fad diets, and am severely overweight. This ‘diet’ sounds delicious, and am afraid I won’t be able to lose 100+ pounds??

  8. does anyone know if this diet with help with I inflammatory disease?

  9. I have adopted the Mediterrian Lifestyle. This is my 2nd week and I have lost 8 pounds. I have learned to make myself (now my husband) real food and feel so much better. My dogs are benefiting also because they get their daily walks. My stomach has gone down so much from the legs kick and when I eat my breakfast, I sit where I can watch the sun come up. I have fibromyalgia, narcolepsy and degenerative spine with bulging in my L-4 and L-5. I am so happy that I have made this lifestyle change…..(never say diet!!!)

  10. My mother has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. I would like to put her on a Mediterranean diet but know very little about it.

    • Mediterranean Diet is based on natural foods. Lots of vegetables, fruits, fish (preferably small), no more than four eggs a week. some chicken and small amounts of red meat. The most importante rules: Use virgin olive oil and avoid processed foods.

  11. Where can I find some recipes?

  12. I’m 68 yrs old, over wt and my cholesterol is very high. The doctor suggested the Mediterranean diet immediately. I have been on the adkins diet for so long . I need your help.

    • Sorry for the delay. The Mediterranean Diet is very wide. If you are overweight and your cholesterol is high, your doctor probably would have prescribed you a low calorie diet and some exercise. You need to walk at least one hour a day, turn your diet to boiled vegetables as spinach, char or green beans, with a small potato and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. You can also have grilled fish, part of it fatty like sardines or mackerel. From time to time, you can have grilled turkey or chicken.
      For breakfast you can have low calorie fruit as oranges, kiwis, tea or coffee, skimmed milk, some oat or oat bran. Control your weight once a week. You can ask any further questions. I cannot tell you the quantities as I don’t know your metabolism and your level of physical activity.
      Avoid any processed food.

  13. Quiero saber sies gratis y en español

  14. I’m about 88 pounds over weight and can’t lose an ounce with all the diets I’m tried. One problem – I use a walker and can’t walk for than 10 feet without it. Exercise is a problem. Tomorrow I’m going out to but the Med Diet book. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks

    • Exercise is important but not crucial. I do not know your diet but I assure you that you can lose weight with the proper one. I do not know either whether you have medical advice or not. Get it if you can. Probably the doctor will tell you to start eating natural food and abandon any processed food. Stick to boiled vegetables, grilled lean meat as chicken breast or turkey breast, fruit not too caloric (oranges, strawberries, etc.). No sugar at all. Non-sugar sweeteners (only in case you can’t live without them). Very small quantities of whole bread or nothing at all. No sodas at all. Very small quantities of red wine. Drink preferably water, skimmed milk, tea, light natural coffee. Ban processed juices as they contain lots of sugar.
      Have skimmed natural yogurt. If you need more fiber, have some oats or oats bran (natural, not processed), one or two dried plums and one or two nuts (Be careful as oat, plums and nuts are very caloric).
      Good luck!

  15. How you get starting with Mediterranean diet.

  16. sharel Aldridge Doson

    I had brought the ebook for The Mediterranean Diet book. And put it on my Kindle fire hd. Now I had an Android and i would like to have this book here. I brought the book, 06/07/013. please help

  17. I’m very excited to see what this diet will do! !

  18. What is an example of a Mediterranean diet meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

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